Land of the Pure

Pakistan, a country whose name translates to “Land of the Pure” is a geographically diverse nation in South Asia, featuring a wide range of landscapes, from towering mountain ranges to lush valleys, deserts, and a stunning coastline. It is the world’s fifth most populous nation, boasting a population of nearly 242 million, 97% of which are Muslim. Pakistan officially became the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 1956, reflecting the country’s official commitment to Islam. This Islamic identity is enshrined in the constitution and has implications for religious minorities, including Christians. This religious favoritism in government policies has, unfortunately, emboldened some to persecute the Christian minority. Pakistan has stringent blasphemy laws, which have been criticized for their misuse to target religious minorities, including Christians. Accusations of blasphemy can lead to serious legal consequences and even mob violence. Religious minorities, including Christians, have faced discrimination and persecution. They often experience social and economic marginalization, making it difficult for them to fully participate in society.

In a remote village in this beautiful, but troubled nation there stands a Christian school funded in part by Hope and Help. Operating a Christian school in this tense, often hostile environment poses considerable hurdles. Teachers grapple with a notable challenge – transportation. With personal vehicles being a luxury, they must rely on taxis or rickshaws, a common mode of transport in South Asian countries. This exposes them as Christians to whichever driver happens to be available, potentially leading to severe consequences based on the driver’s attitude toward Christians. As a result, teachers endure daily harassment and humiliation during their commutes.

Hope and Help, in partnership with the nationals, considered how they might resolve this issue. While vans were a very costly solution in this area, a providential alternative emerged. Imran, the school’s leader, crossed paths with a Christian man named Rayan, who was in dire need of employment. Rayan, despite his rheumatoid arthritis, expressed a desire to work as a rickshaw driver, a job he believed he could manage without physical strain. Hope and Help came to Rayan’s aid by providing a rickshaw, thus enabling him to safely transport teachers to and from the school while earning a livelihood in town during the rest of the day.

Microbusinesses, like Rayan’s rickshaw operation, not only provide much-needed support for individuals and their families but also serve as a platform for sharing the gospel. Business owners often allocate a portion of their profits to help others within their community initiate their own small businesses, fostering a spirit of mutual assistance and economic empowerment. Your support of Hope and Help International is instrumental in empowering national believers to both minister to their neighbors and achieve financial self-sufficiency, thereby uplifting both individual lives and the broader community. By supporting such initiatives, you play an essential role in building Christ’s kingdom.

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