Hope and Help works closely with two orphanages in South Asia. One of them is a home for boys located in a small-town north of a large city, the other is more rural and is home to both boys and girls. Both orphanages are similar in that they are part of a compound which has a multi-purpose building that includes a church, home for the pastor, and guesthouses for visiting HHI teams. The children have their own room where they sleep and keep their belongings, but they treat the pastor’s house as their home. They eat, do homework, play and do chores together.

The boys are learning from the pastors what it means to be a responsible godly man. They are memorizing scripture and learning to share their testimonies in church, and they have even led their schoolmates to Christ. They learn how to respect women, to be leaders and to serve God. The girls are learning the scriptures, domestic skills in order to make a home and take care of their future families, as well as skills that will equip them to lead worship, teach and serve in the church.

It costs $34 to house, feed and educate each child living in the orphanages. Many of these children would be considered “throw away” children with no value. Your sponsorship dollars elevate their value and are an eternal investment into the life of a child who has the potential to make an impact for The Kingdom in places which are dark and difficult.

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